To the Businessman

O businessmanyour need to be loved stinks from a mile away,like the underside of underwearworn by a pubescent-your greed is stained teethand mattedhair. Your desire to cripple and takeoverspills across the pavementand leans against the plantercovered with foldedarms and hoodie.O businessman, when will We see you for what you are

Discrimination (A poem)

Discrimination is in every act of perception, so we've been told, it's something we're scared of, because that's what we've been sold. How can we see the uniqueness in anything without this discriminating quality? Why do we run, why do we run, we give them the power, like a gun. We preach individuality. Lost in [...]

A Digital Nature

Billowing pink ephemera mushrooms into bloated intestines stuck within a generation draped within the darkness of ignorance i’m sticking to technology • I was walking down the street the other day, looking into people's houses, it was amazing they all, no matter how scummy, all had 58” or better flat screen TVs posted on the [...]


How are we supposed to feel secure, when we continue to make sure that we're separate from the whole. I did not jump up with my fist in the air and yell, Yeah! Like any good American would. Actually I snapped the picture, I thought it'd look cool for the blog, and during the rattling [...]

People of this Earth

We are the people of this earth secure in ourselves and building walls, everyone is just building walls to barricade ourselves secure in our nameless, shameless faces building walls; building walls; we keep on building walls to keep ourselves safe (thinking; this is my ground, maybe this is my ground, baby this is my ground) [...]