Walking the Dog episode #03

Tonight I walked the dog,

we strolled

the entire way home

at a glorious amble.


I brought my

marijuana pipe

just in case it had answers.


It turns out,

I am the whisper of the pines


As he walked;

intent, head up.

No distractions.

Unable to be

anything other than.

I was so jealous of him.

The Dog Walking Page

A Myth to Myself

I saw so many pictures of Jesus this week
Hanging on walls,
Sitting on mantels.
Like he’s off matriculating,
Or proselytizing in some shithole.

I thought,
It’s like they all have the same forgotten son.
What about technology,
The future of Ai,

Technology is going to save us, I said
But they just gave me a funny look.

Technology requires faith too, I said
Because I knew that they thought faith
put them on some kind of pedestal.

Well where do we all go from here?
With a face and a name
Yet it all seems so unclear.

In search of a self
Secure in our selves
We just want to identify
Building walls
Maybe this is my ground
Maybe this is my ground
Maybe this is my ground

We are the shattered,
Nameless faces.

Nights Like These

On these crisp winter nights
When the chill presses
On your bones,

When the moonlight
is filtered through
dense grayscale layers
Of wispy clouds hanging
Just overhead

at a slow clip.

On these nights you forget
Your gloves
And have to hide your
Hands in your jacket cuff

While you walk
You feel like your
Legs and the ground
Are one and the same

And you fear that
You’re floating
Or your legs are melting
Back into the earth.
Nights when you
Can feel the weight of
Your reaching
In your chest.

These are the nights
You’ll reach for tomorrow.

A Brief Goodbye


A brief goodbye
to the world of
weirdos, freaks and geeks.

Buzzword bitches
You’re all so celebrated

I’m the nrmL guy
That makes it all possible
I’m the guy they put through
the meat grinder

You can keep your starring role
I’ll be the support.

I’m the guy that lives where
They only build gas stations.

I’m the guy that slowly
merges in front of you
on the freeway.

It’s OK,
it’s better this way.
Without me you wouldn’t
be so unique.

I’m the guy transcending archetypes.
I’m the guy who’s
fading away into Anonymity.
I’m neither here nor there
I am
Because you are.