Like Bricks

Like Bricks I like to put words to images. To make noise is to vibrate is to create A family crossing the street I assign their thoughts to my head accent on the usual. within my vacuum footsteps fall silently. Shadows burst into fantasy. Black and White become bullet casings and spattered targets. Lifting the [...]

I only write when I’m hungry

I only want to write on an empty stomach, so to feel the urgency of hunger. I will sit with only five minutes left on the clock and write ceaselessly to see what it is that's important to me. To know the pains clearly. To feel the heart beating.

The Whip Cracks

This time of year leaves are nearly done flaking I see faces in the streets lining the gutters piled and on the sidewalk faces smashed and pasted.In a stream belly-high nearly topping his waders Indiana Jones looks up to see leeches drop like catkins against a blood-red sky. His quest is not for the Sankara stone, this time [...]

Seeing Clearly

If seeing clearly is the goal, why is it then that every time I see my conditioning clearly I muddy it in the days that follow. Muddied by thought, by my search to know more, until its nearly forgotten. If it wasn't for this ground that holds all activity the insight wouldn't bubble back to [...]