These lines
In the sand
Drawing these lines
In my head

We’ll always follow script
Living inside
Up on the stage
We love it this way
American Made

And all the CEO’s sing:
Feed the wolf 
Feed the wolf
in you

Creating battlefields
We see what we want
Always up on the stage
American Made
I love it this way

And all the Evangelists sing:
Kill the wolf
Kill the wolf in you

Drawing these lines 
These lines
Drawing these lines
These lines

I’ll take what I get
Take what I get 
from you

All these lines
Alone yet secure
There’s me, up on the stage
There’s you, American Made
We love it this way

And all the Politicians sing:
The wolf’s out to get
The wolf’s out to
get you

These lines fill my head
Might as well be dead

Whose script
are we following anyway

A Call to the Artist Archetypes

When we gonna listen,
And realize we got nothing to say,
When we gonna break up,
‘Cause we got nothing new to
We’re all just on some mission,
some cheap and self glorifying
When’re we gonna listen,

(Electronic music interlude…

Still going….

Breaking it down now,

still…………breaking down…………… )

OK. Here we go…

i’ve got another question for ya. Mr. Campbell. Mr. Camp-bell? Where are we to go once They shut it all down?They shut down all the Men’s cl-ubs!

You know, I’d really like to really like to really like to know. You know we live in a time when Pinterest is the new National Archive.

it’s sad you know it’s sad you know it’s sad you know it’s true.

Soon we’re gonna wake up. Soon we’re gonna find, They drew a line between, the information you can afford, and the stuff they save for the East-coast E-lite.

Now it’s time to live time to live it’s time to live

up to the archetypes.

We are the Starving Artist’s, starving though our bellies are full. It’s not the guns They wanna take, no, it’s your mind.


When we gonna wake up,

When we gonna listen,
realize we got nothing left to say,
When we gonna break up,
Cause we got nothing new to
We’re all just on some mission,
some cheap and self glorifying
When’re we gonna listen.

(To the Bloggers)
We are the Artist Archetypes: Liberators of Minds come to free you from the market economy and Peddler’s of pedagogy. Destroyers of the dichotomy, that’s blasphemy, we live forever in our memory, in every cell in our body, that’ll be the death of me.

Because it’s up to us, the artists, the seers, to drive humanity forward with our questions. Our science imitates art, just look at how most science fiction has become science reality in the last decade. Scientists aren’t the most creative bunch, and so it’s up to us to ask the questions that will drive us in the directionless direction, the unnamed, uncategorized, nonbinary. Otherwise we’ll have to settle for this simulated reality.

So High

(fuzzy keyboard droning.)

I saw myself finally,

I was really high,

(looping guitar riff.)

I watched from the sky

draping the atmosphere

like a weather balloon

I saw my story;

an American TV reality drama

And I’m the one                                        (strumming acoustic guitar.)

who played the fool,    (female vocalists.)                 played the fool       played the foo-ool, he played the fool.

( unaccompanied.)        and how do you come back down      from this,

from this  life lived with remiss.

(looping acoustic guitar.)

Well,     I saw myself beneath a patch of bitter grey,

where everything seemed in dismay,

and I began to laugh,

it’s hard to take yourself seriously,           when you’re only as big as a pinhead.

He played the foo-hool, played the fool.

life from up here can get pretty strange,

everything gets rearranged (female vocalists humming.) I let myself go further on the tether.

(looping guitar, acoustic strum, harmonize.)

Up here in the stratosphere,                   I feel just like a feather,

No ignorance,       no pain,                 not even shame.

(musical interlude, tempo mezzo.)

It’s about then I realize I’m completely outta my head

and I put all introspection to bed.

Just like that I come back down,      falling on the ground,

nothing is clear, except misery and fear.

Now all I can do is continue to live my story,

even if it means being stuck

in an American reality TV drama.

First let me apologize for my poor attempt at turning this into a song. I had it in my head, but realize that it would not sound the same in yours. Although I will admit I do like this about poetry, or art in general, that its subjective, hit or miss, however it makes the act of writing feel like it’s all for naught.

Either way I’ve ruined the art of poetry either through my lack of music notation, or my inability to relate the rhythm through silence (pause) and word. I realized in writing this that I need to learn musical notation much better in order to pull this off the way I want and so consider this just practice.

thanks so much for your patience and of course for reading!

Staring Back at You

Well you see the stars
In the night sky
They're all staring back at you

hoo-ooh hoo

You see you don't have to
Try, no there's nothing left to do

Do ooh- hoo ooh ooh hoo

Just so you know
All the weight will melt right off of your back.
You've just fallen into a trap
No you don't have to shoulder the 

sky-aye aye.

The weight is all in your own mind
There's nothing left to do.
Don't turn your back now

Well You see the moon
In the night sky
She's looking right down at you

At you hoo ooh ooh hoo-ooh

And if you can resist falling back into the trap,
the weight will fall right off your back
And your light will shine

like the sun in the clear blue

sky-aye aye.

And maybe in the half light you'll open up the door,
Our love will have the key
Our love will have the key.

This was inspired by my wife and written with the tune Atlas by Fanfarlo in mind.


Well I've been
Spending so
Much time
These little

I don't want to be down,
Want to be down,
Want to be down,
Like that anymore.

And I been
Stickin' around,
Stickin' around,
Stickin' around,
Trying to win.

No, I don't want
To be
Down, down, down,
Down, down
For the rest of my life.

I spent too much time
Feeling like I
Feeling like I
Like I'm the only one.

Now I keep

Kickin' around
Kickin' around
Kickin' around

Thinking you've
Been messin' around
And now I
Spend too much time
All of my life
Mm-mmm all of my life
All of my life.

Now I keep

Runnin' around
Runnin' around
Runnin' around

Creating these
Little battlefields
For myself.
Drawin' those lines
Looking for signs
That I'm not the only one.

I spend too much time
Too much time
Too much time
Down, down, down,
Down, down,
Down, next to you.

*Edit: changed formatting and added link.

It’s the Future Man


Oh man,

people say to me,

Well I’m a Jesus man,

others say yeah

I’m a Buddha man,

people walkin’ down the street

say I’m for Mohammed


Oh man


Oh man


The other day someone says to me,


I’m an Ai man,

Technology is the future



Well, well, well, well

I’m the man,

I’m the future man

I’m the future man

I’m the future man


It seems to me we’re all lookin’

for a future that’s incomplete.

We’re better off

walkin’ through

parking lots.


Oh man,

Hey man,

Oh man,

Hey man,


The other day some junkie

says to me,

I believe in human rights

I believe in

safe consumption sites.

Why are you always

hasslin’ me

tryin’ to take me

off the streets.

I don’ wanna

I don’ wanna

I don’ wanna


I’m the future man,


I’m the future man,

I’m the future man.  


We’re just waitin’ out our days

for something better

to take us away

We’re just whiling away

the hours lookin’

at the issues.

What’s the real issue?

We all want something

to believe in

something to take away the pain

walkin’ through parking lots.


I’m the future man.