The thing I love

the thing I love about futballers is that they’ll keep running at and trying to beat an opponent, they rarely give up.

It’s amazing how quickly and easily their joy becomes your joy, your joy becomes my joy.


And your body is the harp of your soul,

And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.

And the wind and pine combine to whistle a melody, but what of that melody if there were no ear to hear ?

and what is the mind, but the engineer of the body’s will

The above quote: Khalil Gibran from The Prophet pg. 81

Poetry Informs

Poetry informs our very nature
it is woven into our existence
the saguaros of my youth —
in every word. I know some
who have chosen to give their
life to a company. Company
men they used to call them—
now just men.
I once had a boss with a
generator in his back-
yard. Sun draped mountain
ranges in every breath.
And here I choose poetry
everyday. What a cruel joke
the gods have played. Who
could wake up and go to work
and profit from corporate
spoils when the cormorant
flies over a rush-hour freeway
in the autumn twilight. Flies
across the glinting lake, and yet
no one has written it!

Poetry is like breathing; when attention is given an understanding comes up, seemingly, from nowhere.


Suddenly I heard myself saying: it’s someone else’s preconceived notion of who a person is based on what they like. It’s a stereotype. And we don’t base Our Lives on other people’s stereotypes.

The neighborhood cat asks, is it friendly? just above my head the hummingbird chirps.

Quotes (321 Quote Me Challenge)

The best lack all conviction, and the worst keep sharpening their claws, peddling their dark fictions…

Andrew Bird (from the song Bloodless, 2019)

Paraphrasing/Referencing Yeats(?)

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

WB Yeats (The Second Coming)

So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give expressive meaning.

Aaron Copland

This post is a response to today’s 3-2-1 Quote Me Challenge,  a challenge which was initially set up by A Guy Named Bloke And K9 Doodlepip

Thanks Ben Naga for inviting me to take part in today’s challenge.

The first quote immediately came to mind because I had just picked up A Vision by Yeats at the library, not because I’m some intellectual elitist, in fact I know that most of it will fly right over my head, but something about it spoke to me, said that there’s a reason that particular book jumped off the shelf. Anyway the next day I was looking up Yeats to find some supplementary reading for what I later found out was quite a massive project (which is A Vision). When I came upon the quote and instantly recognized it from the song. So i thought being given a quote challenge it was kismet.

Then struggling for a second quote more in line with the theme of expression I nearly gave up when this morning I found myself on the roof of Wild Ginger in Downtown Seattle looking at the side of Benaroya Hall was the quote engraved in stone! Ha, if that’s not the universe slapping you in the face I dont know what is!