The thing I love

the thing I love about futballers is that they'll keep running at and trying to beat an opponent, they rarely give up. It's amazing how quickly and easily their joy becomes your joy, your joy becomes my joy.


And your body is the harp of your soul,And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds. And the wind and pine combine to whistle a melody, but what of that melody if there were no ear to hear ? and what is the mind, but the engineer of the [...]

Poetry Informs

Poetry informs our very natureit is woven into our existencethe saguaros of my youth —in every word. I know some who have chosen to give their life to a company. Companymen they used to call them—now just men.I once had a boss with a generator in his back-yard. Sun draped mountain ranges in every breath. [...]


Suddenly I heard myself saying: it's someone else's preconceived notion of who a person is based on what they like. It's a stereotype. And we don't base Our Lives on other people's stereotypes. The neighborhood cat asks, is it friendly? just above my head the hummingbird chirps.