We went to dinner, which apparently is what everyone else does on an ordinary weekday night. We sat in a booth, my daughter and wife across from me. Dad look. Dad look," pointing passed me. a bald guy! you know, I say, some day I could be bald. But I don't want a bald father!

Dad in the Used Dad Section

Last week at the used book store I found myself in a wealth of books at the moment so I drifted to the used cd's and records. There's an art to browsing the music section. You don't want to be the guy that lingers in one spot forever 'cause someone might notice the smell of [...]

How I Know

How I Know Lately I've noticedher noticing the ex-pressions on my facewhen I read to her atnight. She watches myface almost as closely as the pictures on thepage. She un-scrunchesmy scrunched-up fore-head and smiles at mysmile. Is this trans-mission? I think so.This is how I know she'll love reading too.

Creation Creating (A Love Poem)

I thought about you, when you were so tiny, and how there was no way I could have imagined you'd be the spark you are today—though why would I've wanted to? you were perfect then, and anything you turned out to be would've been perfect too. I couldn't help but realize, while you pointed out [...]

Where’s Dad (A Trickster Poem)

Where's dad?My daughter says, standing halfway upthe stairs in her snow-white pajama gown rubbing the crust from her good-morning time eyes. I don't know, says my son who's sitting on the couch, takingadvantage of my absencewith his head buried in his phone. She whines a little andscurries down the stairs to run and jump on [...]

Two Poems

As I walk outside I hear the plane engine roaring overhead as the plane engine fades I walk deeper outside and I hear the birds inviting me into their Paradise as I walk into their Paradise into the sunshine I see bees trying to figure out which flowers to pollinate but they can't because they [...]