Winter What a weird way to experience this. . .  Something forgotten : everyone has a right to life.      no matter the purpose or value  I  I stood outside on that cool nightwatching the clouds caught in streams of wind pass me by.     seams stretchedby tufted fingers and downy swirlslayering, stackingthe only distinctionsbeing darker [...]


Tonight the Aspen isclacking in the breeze. It's very similar to the nails of a raccoonon the branch, shuffling leaves, climbing limbs.I hear it because I listen. Orion's Belt is robust in the Northern sky. Has the archer beenfattening up for the winter?These dandelion leaves are translucentin the moonlight—like my mindand the river of words [...]

Frolic Gentle Observer

A walk through the neighborhood is actually more like frolicking through the neighborhood i stop to watch bees diligent and effortless in their workdozens of them appear from the orange poppiesthen reemerge elsewhere— there's no telling how manya car door slams and i think how silly or simple i look and i get embarrassed for [...]

Hands All Over

What border edge is far enough? What wall plenty high? Domesticate. Eradicate. The human race. Highways snake like veins, or a river, or a blade. We carry always with us the guilt of fear. Investment. Property. Economy. Paving the world. . . we've got our hands stretched over a dying fire. The state of Washington [...]