And your body is the harp of your soul,And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds. And the wind and pine combine to whistle a melody, but what of that melody if there were no ear to hear ? and what is the mind, but the engineer of the [...]

Peel the Skin

If when the skin peels away you bleed orange slices and mango sweat, then you've been spending too much time with the clouds. If, however, you find the image of a snake, or other cold-blooded reptile you might look in a mirror to find the septuagenarian you staring back at you— this is when the [...]

Where’s Dad (A Trickster Poem)

Where's dad?My daughter says, standing halfway upthe stairs in her snow-white pajama gown rubbing the crust from her good-morning time eyes. I don't know, says my son who's sitting on the couch, takingadvantage of my absencewith his head buried in his phone. She whines a little andscurries down the stairs to run and jump on [...]

It Could Be Raining/The Myth of the Moderns

It could beraining, but it's not — we both know this, the squirrel and I, it's just the wind playing the trees. The ancients of modernity those genius' of invention — they could turn on the tap with the sound of their voice.They also believed that corporations were people A couple of poems from this [...]

The World’s Dad (Sunhands)

Sometimes I think about wrapping my arms around everyone I see. Give the world a great big hug. Tell you all I'm sorry for not being there, for leaving you stranded, so all alone. But, dad's here now. I got a little caught up in all that I smote, then I tried to keep you [...]

Joe Campbell

I had a dream I was walking with Joseph Campbell, down the city street, he said something to me, which now in the foggy remains of memory is only muddled with incoherence (because it wasn't important). We continued walking, saying nothing. Building construction clangs and the workers clamor. I thought (in my dream) here I [...]