Ephemeral Sky

The morning traffic swells in slow motion like the heart beat ing and as you approach the tunnel you see it: a cloud slowly passes by over the sun — outlining the crystalline see-through edges and crimson, or bronze or chanterelle, or colors that you have no words for this should frustrate you, but it [...]

Frolic Gentle Observer

A walk through the neighborhood is actually more like frolicking through the neighborhood i stop to watch bees diligent and effortless in their workdozens of them appear from the orange poppiesthen reemerge elsewhere— there's no telling how manya car door slams and i think how silly or simple i look and i get embarrassed for [...]

Modern Poetry

The modern Poet towers over me, standing on piles of words, handheld degrees, like a decree, held tightly against the chest. Why is it that modern poetry makes me feel so small every time I venture to read it? Outside the window, moment after moment, the night sky flashes in a brilliance of lightshow. Bursting [...]


I've read it a couple times, heard it said, each time from a different source, I believed it each time, felt the truth of it, but it never really clicked until yesterday. How many of my thoughts are tied to time and space? I meditated on this question for only about 10-15 minutes and it [...]


While you're walking down paths of progress, between redbrick post- Victorian apartments and new construction framing, under berry laden but otherwise bare branches, through the din of robins and chickadees, finches and sparrows, the ancient cacophony spills out from every direction, you know it intrinsicly and realize it won't be long forgotten even in the [...]

Cedar River

The glint of cottonwood leaves and helicopter seeds spiraling down like the underbelly of the osprey that circles above above the Cedar river above the moss laden and bare maple crowns. Rushing river. Splunk of rocks. We held each other. I closed my eyes to realize everything is spinning in some secret way. And I'm [...]

Fog Over Lake Washington

The fog sits thick over Lake Washington - immovable like an activist. Wakes come in from behind the curtain - in an endless supply - to tickle the shore.   Watching change, a trout's splash ripples the water which in turn ripples thoughts through my mind.   It occurs to me that as I try [...]