He was already dead before he was born, came out of the womb like   void                     and now he’s the nightmare that lives down your street. Dwelling in desolation and isolation, he just wants to live in your house, live in your skin, take it all in. He’s never really seen but lurks from within. it’s kind of an addiction, if you know what i mean. Sitting on the sidelines, life never really comes for him. Everyday he makes exactly the same. He lives in emptiness outside the sleepy hallows, on the periphery, imperceptible. When the night comes, he swallows his breath and gives in again and again, rolling his eyes in the back of his head, devil’s cock in his hand, wanting only to consume, to be consumed.

No Trace

I used to want to be somebody,

like a timeless, red bricked storefront with flashing lights and neat displays.

Now I just hope to be nobody,

like the flowering weed, covering ground, indistinguishable, leaving no trace.

I used to want

Now I just

Step in time with the rhythms of the earth and mind, waiting to be left behind.

Emulsified into the liquid sun, Eviscerated into the mountains

Leaving no trace.