Addiction (A Poem)

Addiction Replete with silence mistaken for taken sides an escape artist i’ve mastered the illusion of being here with my hands bound i drown sinking into a sea of misery escaping from reality. seagulls’ echoed cries of agony and hunger pierce the surface of this mirrored illusion. refractions of sparkling lights and distorted fantasies dance [...]


Have you ever had a word, perhaps foreign, perhaps just some gibberish made up in your head, come to mind? Has that ever happened? because it happened to me recently. The word? Doshā, sometimes Dosā, apparently in Japanese, dôsha. A word I'm pretty sure I've never heard before, and though it's entirely possible, even probable that [...]


Well I've been Spending so Much time Creating These little Battlefields. I don't want to be down, Want to be down, Want to be down, Like that anymore. And I been Stickin' around, Stickin' around, Stickin' around, Trying to win. No, I don't want To be Down, down, down, Down, down For the rest of [...]