Nights Like These

On these crisp winter nights
When the chill presses
On your bones,

When the moonlight
is filtered through
dense grayscale layers
Of wispy clouds hanging
Just overhead

at a slow clip.

On these nights you forget
Your gloves
And have to hide your
Hands in your jacket cuff

While you walk
You feel like your
Legs and the ground
Are one and the same

And you fear that
You’re floating
Or your legs are melting
Back into the earth.
Nights when you
Can feel the weight of
Your reaching
In your chest.

These are the nights
You’ll reach for tomorrow.


Abide in stillness they say,
But how can I abide
When things change everyday.

Stillness is what encompasses
Makes all of this, the changes, possible.

I didn’t clock in
Because I never clocked out.
Seagulls screech over the
Languid frozen city streets
Three quarter moon
Keeps watch overhead.

Right before you fall asleep at night
Wake up,
That’s one way to experience the eternal.