All of these

All of these receptors are also transmitters Wave after wave lapping at this molecular shore wishing to be dust. We're gathered on this family bed playing at making each other laugh—her joy and his excitement have no lampshade. We watch each other learn from each other, still thesevoices echo into some distant future where caves [...]

Sunday Morning Reverie

I woke up this morning to a wrinkled face in the sheets staring back at me, mouth open in sleep. I thought maybe it is the sheets memory of you, and this its performing art.Or is it my performing art and the sheet my stage? I like the way you look when you're sleeping, because [...]


Don't run my lovedon't run from that quietude, embrace this silence — without it our voices could not carry, let it be the canvas on which we paint our lives. Take this cell for example. Its birth is violence, its product; beauty. Can you keep it. Can you hold the bursting. Hold it like the [...]

The thing I love

the thing I love about futballers is that they'll keep running at and trying to beat an opponent, they rarely give up. It's amazing how quickly and easily their joy becomes your joy, your joy becomes my joy.

Leave Don’t Leave Me

How was it that your skin and my skin got wrapped up in these melodies. Vibrations. Incantations and memories. I can feel you now, closer. Can you feel me too? We look to the sky as if it holds our meaning. You are like a ladybug living in the creases of a door jamb, who [...]


And your body is the harp of your soul,And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds. And the wind and pine combine to whistle a melody, but what of that melody if there were no ear to hear ? and what is the mind, but the engineer of the [...]