The Breeders

You sit in your suburban castle, out of touch with reality. Glued to your screens, life is such a hassle. Maintain your ego through the fallacy of free will. Subscriptions, deadlines, and headlines. Rewind. Disheveled hair and yesterdays sweats. You're too busy to be kind, I'll never learn to live like you, where life is [...]

Hiding Spots (Haiku) In the Park (Tanka)

In the park we found so many trails, diverging and converging all over again. There were so many special hiding spots which we made our own, though, I knew that other kids, families, newly dating couples, did the exact same countless times before us. Hiding spot under Twisted branches and broad leaves Small stream trickling [...]

Dear Seattle

Hey listen I know I chose to have kids and join the ranks of parents that, let's face it, we are all still trying to rebel against, the parents we're still pretending that we won't become. But could you go ahead a do me a favor? Could you at least not act like every time [...]


She's stubborn but sweet, never really apologetic. She's gotta devil's grin because she knows she's gonna win. Fun and independent, she's a bit of a whirlwind. He's a spark of joy, the type of boy people just want to be around. At times a victim of his passion, just like his dad. (but don't tell [...]

Ghazal for the American Dream

The kids in the backseat, murmurs of play, a little bit of quiet from the long day. It was then i realized that culture is the thread we tie to the past to ensure a future, or so they say. The morning clouds nearly evaporated giving way to the sun of the midday the soil [...]