Hope Pervades

Hope pervades in all things. There is hope that things will work out the way we want, hope that things will be different. There is hope in the satiating of addiction and hope that the cravings will end.    Sometime overnight a black van parked on the side of the road outside of work.  With the [...]

Her Face a Song

Her Face a Song She came to me. Like she knew that her pain and my guilt were forces meant to be joined together. A magnet, she walked right up to the window and locked eyes with me. She knew the guilt, the shame, that my humanity and hers would conjure up. Years of smokestain [...]

Wants and Needs

Under a dense grey sky, under the gas station canopy, a black girl wonders, sentences collapsing at the edge of her lips. She's wearing a rain jacket with the hood partially up over the back of her head. She has legs that are like matchsticks, legs that are barely there, waiting to catch fire. She's [...]

Thug Raid at 4 a.m.

The raid happened swiftly. Under the cover of night where the moans and groans would be a little softer and the insolence suppressed by the tremor of wakefulness. RV's lined the street sandwiched between an industrial park and rail yard. The police ushered all the campers out of their RV's, took their names, or whatever [...]

Homeless / Seagulls

At the freeway on ramp The seagulls stand fifty yards In front of the homeless, Both beg for scraps, The homeless man stands Without a sign, palms up, Missing shoe, maybe a smile, Stands under a sign That says Thank you _________? For trashing Seattle. I cannot look either, the homeless man, or the bird, [...]

Cold Noodles

Trodden leaves Pasted to the ground. Anticipating new beginnings.   I saw the little Asian lady  in her car again while I was walking the dog.  tonight, she was still awake.   Usually she’s passed out, or sipping cold noodles, and sometimes she just stares at the steering wheel.   I don’t want to exactly look, [...]