Encapsulated in a Moment

She took our picture for their facebook page. For a moment I thought about the outcome; I pictured the picture posted, I pictured scrolling through their facebook page and seeing the pictures of past customers, and realized that this picture, in this moment, might as well be any one of those already posted. encapsulated in [...]

Hidden Track

Of the two giant Douglas-firs that are on either side of the church I take my dog to on our evening walk, I have definitely become more a friend of one than the other, though both of their years are probably measured in centuries, one I walk by and have a chance to explore, while [...]


Walking the dog, down the same sidewalk we take every night, back home. Down the side street that forms a T with the main street that we walk along a grey Chrysler, windows tinted, rolls, slowly, up to the intersection about ten yards too far back and comes to a complete stop. The green Lexus [...]

Tusk Fish

Actions serve to support the reward—tusk fish We watched a documentary about ocean life and one feature was about the tusk fish. This guy goes around looking for this specific type of clam. He is the day laborer of the sea, he literally picks up pieces of sea junk and moves it out of the [...]


After a few Google image searches and intense back and forth about the nature of this strange yet familiar fruit and its edibility... You said don't, so I did -thimbleberry.

From the Cutting Room Floor

I've decided to enter some haiku,senryu, and haibun in an annual contest at the haiku society of america, or HSA. Here are some that didn't make the cut. Haiku early June pond, not quite as heated as a month agoAfternoon Sun breaksCottonwood snowWind rippling leaves;Waterfall Senryu Morning little league Barn swallows Steal secondtook me 'til thirty-six [...]