It seems to me that the pain of change has been mistaken all along. Maybethis lonely desperation has really been acceptance.well i tried and i tried and i triedi tried to tell myself it'll be alright.And now it seems to me i've gone this long livin' the great cosmic joke. A simple switch of perception and the struggle could vanish in smoke.well i tried and [...]

So High

(fuzzy keyboard droning.) I saw myself finally, I was really high, (looping guitar riff.) I watched from the sky draping the atmosphere like a weather balloon I saw my story; an American TV reality drama And I'm the one                                  [...]


I'll keep you safe From The cold autumn rain You'll keep me safe From The bright summer sun We'll grow together Our roots are the same Under this soil of pain I'll keep you safe From The fires and the flame You'll always stand by my side Together we'll grow On the backs of our [...]

Staring Back at You

Well you see the stars In the night sky They're all staring back at you hoo-ooh hoo You see you don't have to Try, no there's nothing left to do Do ooh- hoo ooh ooh hoo Just so you know All the weight will melt right off of your back. You've just fallen into a [...]


Well I've been Spending so Much time Creating These little Battlefields. I don't want to be down, Want to be down, Want to be down, Like that anymore. And I been Stickin' around, Stickin' around, Stickin' around, Trying to win. No, I don't want To be Down, down, down, Down, down For the rest of [...]

All of My Life

My life All of my life I've been runnin' From thoughts (from you)   My life All of my life I've been runnin' from truths runnin' from myself.   Why does it feel like the weight of this world is pressin' down on me, the whole of the collective unconscious, steppin' down right on me. [...]