Seriously, Again? (A Haibun)

How many times have i been a changed man apparently   transformative forces are weaker than habitual ones because everytime i think i’ve freed my  mind i keep going back to the way it was gradually usually, which is what makes it so hard to see i start with this amazing energy and slowly i get [...]

No Trace

I used to want to be somebody, like a timeless, red bricked storefront with flashing lights and neat displays. Now I just hope to be nobody, like the flowering weed, covering ground, indistinguishable, leaving no trace. I used to want Now I just Step in time with the rhythms of the earth and mind, waiting [...]

All of My Life

My life All of my life I've been runnin' From thoughts (from you)   My life All of my life I've been runnin' from truths runnin' from myself.   Why does it feel like the weight of this world is pressin' down on me, the whole of the collective unconscious, steppin' down right on me. [...]

The Silence Within

    Silence is woven into the fabric of existence, It is what connects us, It’s how we know what’s not being said, Silence is all around. Thoughts resound, And it’s the Silence that holds it all in. I used to think that there was no freedom, no creativity, or spontaneity. Because mind follows mind. [...]

A Myth to Myself

I saw so many pictures of Jesus this week Hanging on walls, Sitting on mantels. Like he's off matriculating, Or proselytizing in some shithole. I thought, It's like they all have the same forgotten son. What about technology, The future of Ai, Technology is going to save us, I said But they just gave me [...]