Tomatoes (A Poem)

If an heirloom tomato were a body part, might it be a kidney. Quartered and sliced aspirating a fine mist seeds and juice spill and soak into the cutting board. A cherry tomato would be an eyeball, of course. The only difference between the old me, listening to Led Zeppelin III and me listening now, [...]

Too Many Mistakes (A Poem)

Well, i was laying on my side, melting into the mattress, liquid layers of vibrations, carrying me away. i was listening to my aura, as subatomic particles in mid flight; like a helicopter above and around my head. i felt the energy created through a lifetime my heart beats like a time bomb, everything whirring [...]


History is like a mistress She comes in thick like a fog and shrouded by clouds She wraps her arms around us and whispers something like, Don't think, just do what you're told. history is heavy, and it weighs me down with expectations. expectations from mySelf and my family, at times even from my country [...]


In this world death is boredom, it is the sinking feeling in your heart and your chest, pulling you down into the couch. A voice echoes, rippling through the corridors of space trapped within a mind. When you are the dead you don't care about anything. Death is routine. It's having the same reaction to [...]