She's stubborn but sweet, never really apologetic. She's gotta devil's grin because she knows she's gonna win. Fun and independent, she's a bit of a whirlwind. He's a spark of joy, the type of boy people just want to be around. At times a victim of his passion, just like his dad. (but don't tell [...]


In the moment I had the right words, in the right order in order to convey what it was I was trying to say. But the sun glare on windshield caught my eye and the concept faded away. We were driving through the heart of the prairie, blackbirds sat on barbed fence we passed by [...]


Tonight we sat down, just the three of us, to read a book; the wants and needs, the friction of life fades away; because all we have we want, and it really doesn’t matter which book we read -if it’s the one with the fallen leaves, or the famous steed - because the warmth of [...]

Back to Sleep

When we wake up early in the morning, I pull you close and whisper- go back to sleep. It's the same one-line poem, one written every day but the love that fills my heart can only be described in our unique way.