We went to dinner, which apparently is what everyone else does on an ordinary weekday night. We sat in a booth, my daughter and wife across from me. Dad look. Dad look," pointing passed me. a bald guy! you know, I say, some day I could be bald. But I don't want a bald father!

Always Love

there's always love available. our job is to find it. when we are stuck looking for where its not we won't find it. only when we commit ourselves to finding the love that's available, even in impossible situations, will we be able to find it. Some trees are already bare, and the leaves that remain, [...]

Cedar River

The glint of cottonwood leaves and helicopter seeds spiraling down like the underbelly of the osprey that circles above above the Cedar river above the moss laden and bare maple crowns. Rushing river. Splunk of rocks. We held each other. I closed my eyes to realize everything is spinning in some secret way. And I'm [...]

Spring Lake/Lake Desire (Haibun)

I just keep plowing forward everyday without knowing where i'm going. We left the house thinking we were searching for freedom; the american ideal. I wanted to see what Ken Burns was looking for all these years, put a face to the name in a way. We figured freedom meant it was free, so we [...]

Birthday Poem

Happy birthday! Sprigs of hemlock hang low with frost. The blue-green spruce stands in contrast to the seas of fog covering the valley. Heart shaped leaves of cottonwood hang stiff and sing autumns choral defiance. It's the first frost and today, It is your birthday. Today is the First Day. It's like this. And it [...]