Suddenly I heard myself saying: it's someone else's preconceived notion of who a person is based on what they like. It's a stereotype. And we don't base Our Lives on other people's stereotypes. The neighborhood cat asks, is it friendly? just above my head the hummingbird chirps.

Twisted Pine

You are the twisted pine shaped by salty sea winds and held down by swollen knuckles. sitting on the precipice above the waves which belt out ceaseless foamy crescendos spilling into craggly shores. soaked up by the deserts of eyes and you're only participation is the attention it takes to let growth unfold, line after [...]

Working Furnace

cently we had an HVAC technician come out to look at our furnace. It has been down for a few years, for various reasons we've never been able to have it fixed, or looked at. He was able to get it up and running, but did confirm our fears that it wouldn't last long and [...]

Walking Through

Walking the narrow sidewalks cobbled for immigrants of the 1930s under grayscale constantly moving towards the horizon past houses framed for the laborers in the '50s chain link fences put up to keep out the drugs of the '70s and '80s under trees sprouted a hundred years befor pushing my way through decades of History [...]