I Have Seen

It's here in these early morning nighttime silences under shadows of abandoned office buildings— solitary light in the window, computer screens waiting to be wakened; in the silent shudders of trees and passing cyclists; here in the promise of the day that we must come to terms with the howling cries of death and hunger. [...]

Her Face a Song

Her Face a Song She came to me. Like she knew that her pain and my guilt were forces meant to be joined together. A magnet, she walked right up to the window and locked eyes with me. She knew the guilt, the shame, that my humanity and hers would conjure up. Years of smokestain [...]

Wants and Needs

Under a dense grey sky, under the gas station canopy, a black girl wonders, sentences collapsing at the edge of her lips. She's wearing a rain jacket with the hood partially up over the back of her head. She has legs that are like matchsticks, legs that are barely there, waiting to catch fire. She's [...]


Livingwith the knife between your teethbloodshot eyes sweat on the brow'Here's Johnny' type living that must bereal living. clenched fistrazor blade scrappingknuckles bruised and ragged a tireless workshop of words always going 'roundeach other with words'round each other with fictionsisn't it funny how words can strokecan bury Livingreal livingyou don't even know what real living [...]


Habits are memories in action Inaction is resistance Resistance is the sound the wind makes Rain streaked window pane When you go don't slam the door when you go it's all gone it seems i've got it out for myself afraid of really livin' i always make it harder and when you're not around my [...]

Addiction (A Poem)

Addiction Replete with silence mistaken for taken sides an escape artist i’ve mastered the illusion of being here with my hands bound i drown sinking into a sea of misery escaping from reality. seagulls’ echoed cries of agony and hunger pierce the surface of this mirrored illusion. refractions of sparkling lights and distorted fantasies dance [...]