Fucking WordPress

For me one of the most valuable interactions with a user is starting a chat and seeing they are ready to jump off a ledge, early in the chat they'll give you some sass, and by the end of it you have them thanking you and learning something new. Now they can go back to [...]

Fucking WordPress

I had a poem for you today. It was quite fantastic, if I do say, but wordpress editor doesn't seem to like the way I use to do things in order to get the most basic look I wanted. You know the simple layout I always use. So, sorry to say, I don't have a [...]

Like Bricks

Like Bricks I like to put words to images. To make noise is to vibrate is to create A family crossing the street I assign their thoughts to my head accent on the usual. within my vacuum footsteps fall silently. Shadows burst into fantasy. Black and White become bullet casings and spattered targets. Lifting the [...]

I Have Seen

It's here in these early morning nighttime silences under shadows of abandoned office buildings— solitary light in the window, computer screens waiting to be wakened; in the silent shudders of trees and passing cyclists; here in the promise of the day that we must come to terms with the howling cries of death and hunger. [...]