All the things a smile could say

All the things a smile could say

could also be said with the eyes. 
i’ve heard people say that they try to
replace their smile
with a hand gesture, 
but that turns out to be an awkward
understanding, one which only the
person performing the gesture
actually understands.
Most say they use words to replace a smile.
Though, words are always
only place-holders, besides
couldn’t they just announce:
I’m smiling behind this mask.
Of course when they say they use words
to replace a smile they mean tone
and aren’t tones also heard
through the eyes?



What a weird way to experience this. . . 

Something forgotten : everyone has a right to life.

     no matter the purpose or value 

I stood outside
on that cool night
watching the clouds
caught in streams
of wind pass me by.

seams stretched
by tufted fingers
and downy swirls
layering, stacking
the only distinctions
being darker and darker

The pines stood silent and watched
as I watched the moon
open up the clouds. For a brief
moment, maybe more.

as if the light
were a broom
brushing away the cloud
and confusion

Layer after layer—
yet, the moon shone
through. And I, the
as if it needed an audience

the wake of clouds piling
  back over the heart-orb

sinking deeper into these
  inner layers

Fucking WordPress

For me one of the most valuable interactions with a user is starting a chat and seeing they are ready to jump off a ledge, early in the chat they’ll give you some sass, and by the end of it you have them thanking you and learning something new. Now they can go back to posting about mindfulness and the benefits of being calm.

Probably my Happiness Engineer

Thanks to Desiree F and Tanya T, my Happiness Engineers for getting me through my issue and helping me to learn a few new tricks. Now they can go home and relax and probably not think about ending it all due to their low pay and high stress workload. They deserve a raise.

Fucking WordPress

I had a poem for you today. It was quite fantastic, if I do say, but wordpress editor doesn’t seem to like the way I use to do things in order to get the most basic look I wanted. You know the simple layout I always use. So, sorry to say, I don’t have a poem for you today.

It’s either only a block paragraph or this…

What a joke


the Aspen is
in the breeze.
It’s very similar
to the nails of
a raccoon
on the branch,
shuffling leaves,
climbing limbs.

I hear it
I listen.

Orion’s Belt is robust
in the Northern sky.
Has the archer been
fattening up for the

These dandelion
leaves are
in the moonlight—
like my mind
and the river of
words that flows

I’m sitting here taking slow, deep breaths, following the course of in and out, taking my breath as object of concentration, arousing concern, when it hits me, that I am my breath, a constant flux of in and out, so long as I am capable of sustaining this discovery and scrutiny.

The Conversation Artist


To be read in the voice of Charlie Sheen:


I’ve given up the writ-

ten word, given in to

the limitations and mirrored

reality. so that i can focus

on the art of conversation.

like me it leaves no trace

at least no paper trail

no more trying to be

published, polished

no more trying to be

what i think They want.

Is there any other art form

in this day and age that could

have a more profound effect?

A conversation can’t be

commercialized, and sold,

it’s not profitable, unless

you’re in on it.

A conversation is love

an art form that is

the truest expression of life.

Dear Seattle

Hey listen I know I chose to have kids and join the ranks of parents that, let’s face it, we are all still trying to rebel against, the parents we’re still pretending that we won’t become.

But could you go ahead a do me a favor? Could you at least not act like every time I see you in the city it’s my big trip in from the suburbs. My big trip, like I’m some kind of grade schooler with my sack lunch or some shit.

Listen Next time we run into eachother keep in mind: I have kids; they smell and act like vagrants, they try to eat all my stuff like the worst roommate, and they spit when they prattle incoherently like the neighborhood convenience store attendant. So really it’s not too far off from big city living.



Thank You!

200 likes on Consumed! Pretty cool!

Thanks for making this guy of few words feel so loved.

I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot of the same bloggers likes over the past couple years and it really means a lot. I could be so much better at reaching out and following blogging etiquette, however that’s not in my repertoire, but something to work on for sure. So for now a big thanks!