on the edge. on the edge, always on the edge. on the edge. we're always on the edge. on the edge. livin' life on the edge. on the edge, i'm always on the edge. on the edge, my love is always on the edge. on the edge.til what i got to give is gone. gone. [...]

Break it Apart

Whyoh whyDo IHave thispoet's heart.Whyoh whyCan't I break it apart.For so long I've triedI don't even know whyFor so longI've criedfrom thisunfulfilleddestiny.Oh whyWhyoh whyThe artist's dreamburied deepinside of meand nomatter how I tryto crush everythingit still remains ohWhyI don't even know whyoh whyThis poet's heartThis broken heartintertwinedin thiseternal danceoh.


Born     into a world of       convictions. He drives to work          wearin' a Je-sus beard. (Chants)  OM (ooooohhhhhmmmmmmmm) clutchin' onto     his coffee. Holdin'   deeply   on  to rit-u-ual.  ooh he'll hold on. on. on.   ( onandonand on ooooh)  Boxed in by   thoughts      on-ly of himself. His mind    a mirror producing only images -representations of the real. He drives       searching for meaning. [...]

It’s the Future Man

Man, Oh man, people say to me, Well I’m a Jesus man, others say yeah I’m a Buddha man, people walkin’ down the street say I’m for Mohammed Man Oh man Man Oh man   The other day someone says to me, Hey, I’m an Ai man, Technology is the future Man.   Well, well, [...]