The thing I love

the thing I love about futballers is that they’ll keep running at and trying to beat an opponent, they rarely give up.

It’s amazing how quickly and easily their joy becomes your joy, your joy becomes my joy.


And your body is the harp of your soul,

And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds.

And the wind and pine combine to whistle a melody, but what of that melody if there were no ear to hear ?

and what is the mind, but the engineer of the body’s will

The above quote: Khalil Gibran from The Prophet pg. 81

Always Love

there’s always love available. our job is to find it. when we are stuck looking for where its not we won’t find it. only when we commit ourselves to finding the love that’s available, even in impossible situations, will we be able to find it.

Some trees are already bare, and the leaves that remain, may well remain until next year. When a breeze ripples the giant sequoias, they whisper to each other the lost ancient name of loss and pain
—My love, are you awake?

and the dog down the street sounds the trumpet, and the oboe in the moon soaked starless sky whirs from far to near to far

Poetry Informs

Poetry informs our very nature
it is woven into our existence
the saguaros of my youth —
in every word. I know some
who have chosen to give their
life to a company. Company
men they used to call them—
now just men.
I once had a boss with a
generator in his back-
yard. Sun draped mountain
ranges in every breath.
And here I choose poetry
everyday. What a cruel joke
the gods have played. Who
could wake up and go to work
and profit from corporate
spoils when the cormorant
flies over a rush-hour freeway
in the autumn twilight. Flies
across the glinting lake, and yet
no one has written it!

Poetry is like breathing; when attention is given an understanding comes up, seemingly, from nowhere.

Drive Time / Pando

Yesterday morning on my drive into work there was construction on my normal route. One of the turn lanes was blocked and there was quite a backup. So I decided to take a different route. Later I heard on the radio that further down that same road a semi was flipped over. Sometimes you gotta take a different route, even if it’s just to break up the everyday routine.

Later in the day I had quite the creative streak. Perhaps it was tied to taking a different route, or maybe that was just one factor, but definitely I was forced to think of the route to take, which would be best, and saw new sights on my way in, which kept me on my toes, so I think it played a part. Unfortunately I was also at work so a lot of the thoughts were lost in my mind. Vaporized.

They say our roots are tied
to time and place,
when’ll we realize
our roots are all over the place,
They say it again, say it again,

again, oh no.
I woke up today,
to words and eyes runnin’ over my face.
Is this the end? Where does it begin?
begin-in-in oh no.

Pando, Pando, Pando-oh-whoa-oh

Stuck in this cultural conditionin’
ain’t nobody listenin’,
we keep trying to change the game
by using the same train of mind,
it’s gonna take a lot more to collapse
the structure upon which our cultures rely,
and it’s scary, I know,
to destroy all that you know
all that our systems are built on,
but it’s time, equal pay; that’s just another game that they play.

They say our roots are tied,
to place and time,
that’s just an idea in your mind
our roots are all over the place.
Then say it again, again, again, oh.


We’re lost in a culture shock,
how will we ever know equality when we keep investing in
and holding on to implicit patterns of separation,
degradation, superiority, differentiation
implied in a culture state of mind?

Pando Pando Pando Pando oh-whoa-oh
Pando Pando Pando Pando Pando Pando
Pando Pando Pando Pando Pando Pando

Forest Nymph

You don’t have to know some Mystical Secret or have a Divine Character to attract nature. All you have to do is take an interest and soon you’ll have birds at your window, squirrels at your back porch, flowers in your garden and fruit on the vine. Suddenly you’re a modern day Pan, you’re a Forest Nymph all because you took an interest.

Mountain in the Mist