It’s like

It’s like
that time, remember, you drifted through the crowd with purpose and ease. You saw every way forward, every crease. With only one aim in your heart: to feel the music. Toward the thumping speakers you drift, beating with the rhythm that held your whole body together, held the earth in place. Holy melodies shook thunder from the dome-sky. All you wanted was to feel it, coursing through your entire body, like aching desire. And there was no stopping you. Remember? the sweet release.

(it’s like that)

#Haikai Challenge #96 (7/27/19): cicada (semi) #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga

Here’s my entry for this weeks #Haikai Challenge: Cicada

Cicada husks on siding of my memory -back to school shopping

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