Winter What a weird way to experience this. . .  Something forgotten : everyone has a right to life.      no matter the purpose or value  I  I stood outside on that cool nightwatching the clouds caught in streams of wind pass me by.     seams stretchedby tufted fingers and downy swirlslayering, stackingthe only distinctionsbeing darker [...]

Thus Spake Prometheus

So in a weird-cool turn of events the team at Prometheus Dreaming decided to use my poem Morning Commute in their Thus Spake Prometheus series. A strange feeling as I never thought about hearing one of my poems read aloud by someone else, always in my own head, in my own voice. However, they did [...]

Ever Wonder

Sitting under spectacles of spires the rain falls like crows feet hitting the street have you ever wondered if there's more than this the bell rings four times four times the bell rings and you think you've found god at the bottom of the stairs by the gutter under St. Ignatius' chapel, but it's mere [...]

Gardeners Also

We are also gardeners           planting seeds in this palm            scratch scratch scratching the surface we hash lines       sinewsrun through pockets of fat-lined muscle      marked with                 salmon scale boundaryPockets    rich in sustenance      [...]