Fucking WordPress

For me one of the most valuable interactions with a user is starting a chat and seeing they are ready to jump off a ledge, early in the chat they’ll give you some sass, and by the end of it you have them thanking you and learning something new. Now they can go back to posting about mindfulness and the benefits of being calm.

Probably my Happiness Engineer

Thanks to Desiree F and Tanya T, my Happiness Engineers for getting me through my issue and helping me to learn a few new tricks. Now they can go home and relax and probably not think about ending it all due to their low pay and high stress workload. They deserve a raise.

Fucking WordPress

I had a poem for you today. It was quite fantastic, if I do say, but wordpress editor doesn’t seem to like the way I use to do things in order to get the most basic look I wanted. You know the simple layout I always use. So, sorry to say, I don’t have a poem for you today.

It’s either only a block paragraph or this…

What a joke