Ever Wonder

Sitting under spectacles of spires
the rain falls like crows feet
hitting the street have you ever
wondered if there’s more than this
the bell rings four times
four times the bell rings and
you think you’ve found god
at the bottom of the stairs
by the gutter under St.
Ignatius’ chapel, but it’s mere
loneliness and green things in a
canopy of themes
reduce the family
the family crossing the street
to accents in your mind
in my mind
the accent is awailable
but when i try to let it
puncture my lips it slips
and there is space compressing
soaking the words with gasses
or fuel. In the infinite spaces of
my head there is a sanctuary
that i always have access to, yet
cannot reach through the hall of
mirrors. Herbavores bathed here
between the bitter fronds, varicose
tendrils, when i consume i consume
like they do. Green is the colour
i build these pretenses around
trying so hard to protect that
emerald city       building
building a city that cannot last
outside we build up, but within
we build out to keep each
other out at a distance so we
can use the smartphone to
get a hold of each other get
a hold on reality get a grip
let it slip cause there’s nothing
more than this. Have you ever wondered?
Do you ever wonder?
where the escape button
got hid

Gardeners Also

We are also gardeners
           planting seeds in this palm
           scratch scratch scratching the
surface we hash lines       sinews
run through pockets of fat-lined muscle
      marked with
                salmon scale boundary
Pockets    rich in sustenance
                      providing for 
endless giving

           Marrow surges in streams
seeds of the past tumble in
                      dark memories
Histories foam with guilt and shame
           beware the crow
           and his endless surging     aerating
Tender soil
           habits worm to the surface
           every holiday season
                 I plant more
                 of the same seeds.

I woke up this morning
to find seeds in my palm
scratching the surface 
scratching the dust they 
remain just out of reach 
sinews like rivers snake 
deep below and crown like
the tree holding fast to memory
the air is frozen and i’ve 
begun to foam at the mouth
looking for answers i reach
the fat-lined muscle marked
by salmon scale and pockets
of gold pockets of giving
stretching for the morning
light the crow balances on 
my fingertips and tries like 
so many before him to dig
up the seed, surging endlessly 
and only too happy to find
the worm of tireless habits  

Fucking WordPress

For me one of the most valuable interactions with a user is starting a chat and seeing they are ready to jump off a ledge, early in the chat they’ll give you some sass, and by the end of it you have them thanking you and learning something new. Now they can go back to posting about mindfulness and the benefits of being calm.

Probably my Happiness Engineer

Thanks to Desiree F and Tanya T, my Happiness Engineers for getting me through my issue and helping me to learn a few new tricks. Now they can go home and relax and probably not think about ending it all due to their low pay and high stress workload. They deserve a raise.

Fucking WordPress

I had a poem for you today. It was quite fantastic, if I do say, but wordpress editor doesn’t seem to like the way I use to do things in order to get the most basic look I wanted. You know the simple layout I always use. So, sorry to say, I don’t have a poem for you today.

It’s either only a block paragraph or this…

What a joke