In a world of circles

We're living in a world of circles trying to make squares.When everything is swirling in foaming acts of resistancedown the sinkhole of our humanity We the people rise and give bow to a sham process everyday. Bunkered in the basements of our glory holes We trust in the image and give blank stares to its [...]

Dad in the Used Dad Section

Last week at the used book store I found myself in a wealth of books at the moment so I drifted to the used cd's and records. There's an art to browsing the music section. You don't want to be the guy that lingers in one spot forever 'cause someone might notice the smell of [...]

What’s in the Lens

Sea winds foam sea hymns and we disappear like robins in the fall; by diffusion and through vapors that stretch from coast tocoast. Across ceilings and wallstrying to cover it all—or at least get a better vantage point. My face geometryis less than desirable, but that's OK because humans agree sacrifices must be made.We say [...]


Tonight the Aspen isclacking in the breeze. It's very similar to the nails of a raccoonon the branch, shuffling leaves, climbing limbs.I hear it because I listen. Orion's Belt is robust in the Northern sky. Has the archer beenfattening up for the winter?These dandelion leaves are translucentin the moonlight—like my mindand the river of words [...]