Headed up the hill (Springing hair)

He’s walking along the sidewalk -headed up the hill- carrying his backpack on both shoulders. His springy hair, like the willow tree across the street, hangs over his face. His face hangs over his phone.

Author: Buddhadoshā

Buddhadoshā loves you.

5 thoughts on “Headed up the hill (Springing hair)”

      1. Hmm.. Maybe that’s the secret of the beauty in your posts.. You write about your viewpoint and observations but leave the meaning to be conveyed dependent on the reader leading to every kind of reader being satisfied in their own way.. Interesting..

      2. Again, thank you for your kind words. That’s the goal and the beauty of it, though there’s always traces of the self left behind. Where would our poems be without the willing and able reader, like yourself?

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