Encapsulated in a Moment

She took our picture for their facebook page. For a moment I thought about the outcome; I pictured the picture posted, I pictured scrolling through their facebook page and seeing the pictures of past customers, and realized that this picture, in this moment, might as well be any one of those already posted. encapsulated in [...]

Hidden Track

Of the two giant Douglas-firs that are on either side of the church I take my dog to on our evening walk, I have definitely become more a friend of one than the other, though both of their years are probably measured in centuries, one I walk by and have a chance to explore, while [...]

And All the People Said…

There are these narratives that seem to fill our spaces, buzzing through the air, invisible like the pulses that carry our text messages and stream our shows. They tell us what we already know, and we nod in agreement. "It's not the gun that pulls the trigger..." —so true. Rolling like water down a mountain. [...]

I am

I am so consumed by entertainment that sometimes I have to wonder, whose entertainment am I? So consumed by comfort, whose comfort do I provide? lost in this endless river of words drunk on the fire desire, my friend desire, my love desire, my goddesire

River Days

River Days the sun basks in the sea-sky, cottonwood flashes in the breeze like water in a stream. we the people wonder, will the river birds show up today? people sit and listen to the jazz band play jazz with an undertone of funk. while a group of 6th graders holds up the ice cream [...]