Out Back

The other day I learned about anger with compassion. There’s less passionate intensity, and more understanding. It’s easier when you’re having a conversation, than when something just happens to you, like getting hurt. But it’s to the benefit of everyone to learn the skill.

Out back
Strawberries have taken over
And not a single flower

Halter Top

There’s the girl in a halter top
Everybody gathered ’round
Everybody stop
She got all their attention

The biker chick
That might have a dick
She nods her head
Laughs at what was said

Everybody gathered ’round
The girl in the halter top
Everybody stop
Everybody listen

The metro boy
Who look like her toy
Stands by her shoulder
Smiles and admires her

Everybody gathered ’round
Everybody listen
To what she got to say
No you don’ wanna stray ay ay

She gotta angel wing tattoo
Between her shoulder blades
Sunglasses on top her head
She got somethin’ to say

The girl in the halter top
E’erybody stop
Everybody gather ’round
Everybody listen

That girl in the halter top
Make everybody stop


I’ve never been very ambitious; I dont want to be a CEO. I’ve never cared about being involved in a hostile takeover. Never wanted to play the markets. Never wanted to be an editor-in-chief. I just want some land to work. And the opportunity to share the beauty of the world in a creative way.

In the Forest

Going into the forest
When you face massive things
You know how hard things
Can also be soft
When you go into the forest
And you come face to face
With such tiny things
You know how the ground
Can leap up at you
You know how puddles
Contain universes
And you see trees
Growing in cracks
You learn how to love
and appreciate without
Owning a damn thing.