Somehow, in the land of oaks, i found my friend the hemlock

Traveled to Illinois recently and was amazed/scared by the innumerable and ancient Oaks. It was clearly their land. There was no variance of trees in the ravines, which is where all the natural stands occurred. The buds were imperceptible as of yet. Though for the first time I finally understood all the Halloween pictures with the scary trees


We haven’t had substantial rain for a few weeks, weird for the pacific northwest at this time of year. We had a shower overnight and it was clear that the flora and fauna appreciated it.


after a fresh rain


Fields of Change

They run in fields, dreamers and artists. Unaware of the weight they carry on their backs. The future is calling for them, pulling them closer to their destiny as coders and programmers. Meat in seats. An owl watches from the conifer stand, knowing full well what their future holds. He knows how long it might take them to find their way back to these fields and forests -if ever. But he doesn’t say a word of it, because right now they are free.

A phoenix-red moon
peaks from behind gray-scale clouds-
children laugh and play.