I've read it a couple times, heard it said, each time from a different source, I believed it each time, felt the truth of it, but it never really clicked until yesterday. How many of my thoughts are tied to time and space? I meditated on this question for only about 10-15 minutes and it [...]

Naming Names

We paint our hearts with birdsong and sun-drenched green canopies. The sky was made up of tufts and wisps of sea. Sun breaks. The overnight rain. What we wanted was the same; adventure, joy, connection. One of us ducked off the main trail, down a side path already almost overgrown with new spring growth. So [...]


It seems to me that the pain of change has been mistaken all along. Maybethis lonely desperation has really been acceptance.well i tried and i tried and i triedi tried to tell myself it'll be alright.And now it seems to me i've gone this long livin' the great cosmic joke. A simple switch of perception and the struggle could vanish in smoke.well i tried and [...]