Sometimes I forget my meditation practice is a tool, a supportive base from which the rest of my practice grows. It’s understandable since I practice everyday, soon I start to see it as a thing that is going to make me better, or get me somewhere. I depend on it, I hang on to it and it becomes heavy. And my successes and mostly my failures have a meaning, with regards to how close or far I am to my goal. It becomes a burden, burdening me with my failures and insecurities. It’s at this point that I have to ask how does my practice support me, does it? And if it doesn’t, why? Usually it has become a tool I use towards my destruction, and I slide into a depression because I’m depending on it, hanging on to it, expecting too much. I have to realize that I only need it if it provides a place for growth. Then it becomes light again, not heavy or burdensome. It becomes a chance for discovery, the reason why I was curious and interested in the first place. So I can use the tools of the practice, strengthening the base to support further practice.

As I walk along this path

I keep finding things that interest me and distract me

I pick them up, take them with, until they become too heavy to carry.

Twisted Pine

You are the twisted pine shaped by salty sea winds and held down by swollen knuckles. sitting on the precipice above the waves which belt out ceaseless foamy crescendos spilling into craggly shores. soaked up by the deserts of eyes and you’re only participation is the attention it takes to let growth unfold, line after line, swells and breaks, you increasingly realize your part in the whole is merely to listen.