Discrimination (A poem)

Discrimination is in every act of perception, so we’ve been told, it’s something we’re scared of, because that’s what we’ve been sold. How can we see the uniqueness in anything without this discriminating quality?

Why do we run, why do we run, we give them the power, like a gun. We preach individuality. Lost in artificial reality, but we cannot see.

Manifesting, infesting our thoughts, on the daily.

Radical, erratic-uh, there’s no resting-no, if you let them, they’ll eat your soul. What is it they’ve got you so afraid of?

Using the scientific mind, the eye, we classify, divide, into groups with like mind, we forget, and deny the unique individual qualities of the environment, which we create.

I want more than anything to influence everything, I have the presence, like a web, I’m globular, entirely in your head.

Discrimination has become manipulation. We’ve made our bed. Manifesting in this reality is the commonality we failed to deal with for centuries.

Now it’s on the tips of our brains, repeating like a refrain, don’t let it slip down the drain. Because we finally have a chance to deal with this discriminating quality,

to look it in the eye, decide not to run and hide it’s the fear that they design, we have the chance to see a real unique individual, born from learning to trust and reside in compassion. Compassion for your fellow man. It’s something they just can’t understand.