Drowning in a mirrored reality an old ghost looks back at me through the touchscreen. cracking wrinkled and tobacco stained slowly being erased, faded from a mass memory. I hear the grumblings of an old man slowly bubbling to the surface of thoughts, releasing dopamine to cope like a dope. Perhaps the tides of time [...]

Tomatoes (A Poem)

If an heirloom tomato were a body part, might it be a kidney. Quartered and sliced aspirating a fine mist seeds and juice spill and soak into the cutting board. A cherry tomato would be an eyeball, of course. The only difference between the old me, listening to Led Zeppelin III and me listening now, [...]


Either this dog is getting old or he's just gotten used to the sunshine and warm nights. Taking a leisurely approach to sniffing for bugs and new growth. Sniffing  for evidence of change. He’s forgotten what it was like to have to hoof it back home in the rain. He’s forgotten how rain patter on [...]

Waiting for Scraps

Moka pot is empty, the kids are finally into their movie; Lady and the Tramp 2: scamps adventure. Fridge is empty. They're eating the rest of the mac 'n cheese. Odin is sitting in anticipation; waiting for scraps. Kitchen is a warzone. When you getting home?

Too Many Mistakes (A Poem)

Well, i was laying on my side, melting into the mattress, liquid layers of vibrations, carrying me away. i was listening to my aura, as subatomic particles in mid flight; like a helicopter above and around my head. i felt the energy created through a lifetime my heart beats like a time bomb, everything whirring [...]