It says adapted from a poem by Nancy R. Smith. A poster at Pacific Middle school, Des Moines, Wa. The kids are gonna be alright. Hopefully.


I’ll keep you safe

From The cold autumn rain

You’ll keep me safe

From The bright summer sun

We’ll grow together

Our roots are the same

Under this soil of pain

I’ll keep you safe

From The fires and the flame

You’ll always stand by my side

Together we’ll grow

On the backs of our ancestors

From collective dreams

And miseries

Well, I’ll remind you

Of your passion and

You’ll remind me of

My love.

Together we’ll dance

With the sunlight and shade

We reach for the same sky

Together you and I


You should have heard the gulls last night.

They cooed and hawed in the fog over a rising tide.

Wind rippling echos in the mist.

Mist from what is certainly not considered fog anymore, but cloud.

Every once in a while one glides overhead, chattering, on some mission perhaps known only to nature.

Low Tide

Sandpipers piping in the sand bar at low tide.

The mist was a cloud. We stood at the ocean’s shore, waded in the tidepools, as the wind ripped in every direction.


We live forever in a moment;

Her head slumps in my shoulder

as she drifts to sleep

Through the window

half light fractures the red cedar bark,

peeling back layers of time.

It’s the kind of light that used to mean

time to head home.

Shadows of branches distend

to the fuzzy green and brown floor.

Mom calls me home for dinner.

I begin to slump into the couch.

My stomach rocks like waves lapping the shore.

For a moment our bodies are like the salty sea foam;

formless and not divided by numbers.

The birth of things.

Of love maybe.

Or something beyond love, something that doesn’t die,

and like the foam it returns to the sea

only to remanifest.

It won’t be long before dark.

I wonder what kind of childhood memories she’ll have.

It’s not easy to transcend Space and Time on your own.

You have to sit very still,

with your eyes closed,

for a long time.

And even then it’s not a guarantee.

It’s much easier with someone else,

The mutual understanding is already there.

An agreement to terms and conditions.

Then Space and Time collapses

somewhere between a smile.