So High

(fuzzy keyboard droning.) I saw myself finally, I was really high, (looping guitar riff.) I watched from the sky draping the atmosphere like a weather balloon I saw my story; an American TV reality drama And I'm the one                                  [...]


Here on earth we're spinning 'round mirrored reflections Oh whoa ho sometimes I catch myself and everything goes streaming by this is where I see I'm a part of it. Touching that which can't be touched I'm touched. We're spinning 'round heart reverberates into the endless mirror chasm Oh whoa ho-o Filtering down back into [...]

Crystal Mtn Peak

I talked a lot on our way up the 6,500 ft peak. I talked and taught until I realized that the mountain said more than I ever could. The wind through the pines and birch, rushing water from a distance, the bird's song, our shoes on the dirt trail, the clouds, the sky, sun breaks, [...]

The Breeders

You sit in your suburban castle, out of touch with reality. Glued to your screens, life is such a hassle. Maintain your ego through the fallacy of free will. Subscriptions, deadlines, and headlines. Rewind. Disheveled hair and yesterdays sweats. You're too busy to be kind, I'll never learn to live like you, where life is [...]