All of My Life

My life All of my life I've been runnin' From thoughts (from you)   My life All of my life I've been runnin' from truths runnin' from myself.   Why does it feel like the weight of this world is pressin' down on me, the whole of the collective unconscious, steppin' down right on me. [...]


Tonight we sat down, just the three of us, to read a book; the wants and needs, the friction of life fades away; because all we have we want, and it really doesn’t matter which book we read -if it’s the one with the fallen leaves, or the famous steed - because the warmth of [...]


In this world death is boredom, it is the sinking feeling in your heart and your chest, pulling you down into the couch. A voice echoes, rippling through the corridors of space trapped within a mind. When you are the dead you don't care about anything. Death is routine. It's having the same reaction to [...]


Now it's time for everyone's least favorite blog post... it's, OPINIONS OF A MIDDLE AGED WHITE GUY where an average middle aged white guy pisses his opinions into the cesspools of society. Dear America, Culture is what we left behind in the old world The new culture is the simple things The things we all [...]