Wood Block Project #1

So I've had this woodblock project post sitting in the drafts pile for a while now and I've been working on some new woodblock designs. So I figured I should show off my first attempt as well! I had this vision while I was trying to fall asleep. While I knew I wasn't asleep the [...]

Back to Sleep

When we wake up early in the morning, I pull you close and whisper- go back to sleep. It's the same one-line poem, one written every day but the love that fills my heart can only be described in our unique way.    


I’m spinning with the earth, so fast that I can’t even tell if its clockwise or counter. Like a whirling dervish I take my place in nature.   A train cuts through the valley rumbles and tumbles roaring a horn that expands into the atmosphere, like the universe into nothingness; with a center that is [...]

The Silence Within

    Silence is woven into the fabric of existence, It is what connects us, It’s how we know what’s not being said, Silence is all around. Thoughts resound, And it’s the Silence that holds it all in. I used to think that there was no freedom, no creativity, or spontaneity. Because mind follows mind. [...]

Spring Sprung Frogs

Last night the kids were watching TV and I wanted to sketch. I started with the intention to clear my mind. I wanted to have no conceptions, no ideas in my mind before putting pen to paper. To draw a line with no judgment, opens a world of possibilities and makes the work a lot [...]