It’s the Future Man

Man, Oh man, people say to me, Well I’m a Jesus man, others say yeah I’m a Buddha man, people walkin’ down the street say I’m for Mohammed Man Oh man Man Oh man   The other day someone says to me, Hey, I’m an Ai man, Technology is the future Man.   Well, well, [...]

Walking the Dog episode #03

Tonight I walked the dog, we strolled the entire way home at a glorious amble.   I brought my marijuana pipe just in case it had answers.   It turns out, I am the whisper of the pines   As he walked; intent, head up. No distractions. Unable to be anything other than. I was [...]

The Path

      At times its clear where the path is, and other times where the path is not. That's OK though, as long as its clear. Picture: "Rainy Day" by Dan Flosi,

Forcing Change

Sometimes I’m able to just receive what life has to offer without commenting or forcing change. Then, other times, I have to grab one of my kids, carry their ass upstairs, set them on the pot then fight them to get on pajamas.

A Myth to Myself

I saw so many pictures of Jesus this week Hanging on walls, Sitting on mantels. Like he's off matriculating, Or proselytizing in some shithole. I thought, It's like they all have the same forgotten son. What about technology, The future of Ai, Technology is going to save us, I said But they just gave me [...]