Still, still, still

we wait in the night

beneath currents of

primordial sound.

Still, still, still

we wait and dream

forever living in the

penumbra of yesterday

wondering what will it bring.

But how can we wonder

when we already know?

Lost in a daze

creativity cannot flow.

Still, still, still

we wait for the next savior

to tell us the same ol’

stories as before.

Eating Lunch in Your Car

Eating lunch in your car

on the side of a residential street-

what a curious thing.

you inevitably feel guilty about idling for too long

So you turn the car off

and when it’s raining you hear the

tap, tap, thump

of raindrops.


The thumping being the larger raindrop

clinging to the pine tree overhead

having amassed enough droplets

it drops; Thump.

Right onto the hood of the car.

And you discern the difference

and you imagine the amassing

and you even reimagine the dropping

Now the moment has passed you by.


If you sit there long enough

with the engine off,

after you’ve finished your lunch,

you start to get paranoid.

About the residents,

who may or may not be home,

the dog walkers,

and mail retrievers,

looking in

discriminatingly so.

But is it really they who are discriminating,

or are you discriminating your own self?

Can you even do that, is that a thing?


Well, apparently it is, cause here you are doing it.

The windows are fogging up

and it’s time to get back to work.

Follow the Leader

Our fearless leader made a decision today. We all sat around in the office as he paced back and forth. Most of us kept our heads down, clacking away at the keyboard, as he ruminated over the decision. It was clear that it would have an effect on the office for years to come, and so really there was only one man for the job. We all waited anxiously, just happy that we didn’t have to come to a conclusion. He debated with the office manager, but sent her away (with her tail between her legs). Eventually he informed everyone that the fire extinguisher would go on the wall near the kitchenette, in a convenient spot, yet out of the way so nobody acidentally knocks into it. We were all relieved. It was the right decision.

When the fire extinguisher technician came in to install the extinguisher, Mary the office manager walked him to the spot. She said very loud and proud, Gary -he’s the president of the company- decided the extinguisher should go there, pointing to the spot.

Gary slept like a baby. We all did. I’m just glad I don’t have to make the decisions around here. I mean that’s why they get paid the big bucks. Maybe one day, I could see myself taking on the responsibility, (and cashing in the paycheck) but for now I’m just happy to follow the leader. Ba’aah.