Still, still, still we wait in the night beneath currents of primordial sound. Still, still, still we wait and dream forever living in the penumbra of yesterday wondering what will it bring. But how can we wonder when we already know? Lost in a daze creativity cannot flow. Still, still, still we wait for the [...]

Eating Lunch in Your Car

Eating lunch in your car on the side of a residential street- what a curious thing. you inevitably feel guilty about idling for too long So you turn the car off and when it’s raining you hear the tap, tap, thump of raindrops.   The thumping being the larger raindrop clinging to the pine tree [...]

Follow the Leader

Our fearless leader made a decision today. We all sat around in the office as he paced back and forth. Most of us kept our heads down, clacking away at the keyboard, as he ruminated over the decision. It was clear that it would have an effect on the office for years to come, and [...]