Creativeness manifests in so many different ways, it is the spark of ingenuity. Creativeness is submersing yourself in a task; giving it attention, and care, without ego. Universes are created in a flash and a bang of Ingenuity. With a skillful approach and  Ingenuity relationships flourish. I had the chance to play with my sumi-e [...]

Wood Block Project #1

So I've had this woodblock project post sitting in the drafts pile for a while now and I've been working on some new woodblock designs. So I figured I should show off my first attempt as well! I had this vision while I was trying to fall asleep. While I knew I wasn't asleep the [...]

Me and You

Everything is torn in this world of twos. Everything is ideas, opinions, judgments, decisions. There's a whole world between me and you. Scattered and tattered we're torn apart by the idea that we're torn. The mind divides it's just what we do and now there seems to be no reconciliation between me        [...]

About 2.0

"What is this thing... And how did it get here!" I guess this is a change in format, or maybe its an acknowledgment of what it always was... I want this blog to be my artist's notepad/journal. A place to collect my work. Honestly down the road I hope to offer artwork for sale. It [...]

Possession and the Idea Thereof

I Grasp to my ideas, viewpoints (and words) Hanging onto them as if they were all I had. Too many people have died, or suffered, From the idea of possession. I should fight the idea that I can hold on to anything Lest I want to choke creativity. From possession we get: Greed, and therefore… [...]